• How ƚo U𝕤e Meƚama𝕤k Accounƚ?

    Now let’s tell you about using a MetaMask Account with the following steps that are directed below:


    Initiate the process by following the steps above to install MetaMask.


    Open a browser, and hit on the MetaMask logo that you see on-screen.


    Thoroughly read the 2 to 3 pages of terms and conditions and agree to it.


    Settle on an exclusive password for your wallet and hit “Create”


    Wait for your MetaMask log in account to be ready for use.


    On seeing the seed phrases on the screen hit “Save Seed Words as File”.


    Select a safe location to keep the seed words saved for later.


    Now that the seed phrases are safe, hit on “I’ve copied it somewhere safe”.


    The login page you get directed to, it’ll be on the main network.


    Although you are on an Ethereum Network, you can still switch to others.


    To see if it’s working, choose to go to Ropsten Text Network or any other.


    Use these test networks to safely “Buy” and “Send” cryptocurrencies.


    Explore the blockchain network to understand how MetaMask Sign in works.


    Keep up with the prompts that come on to your screen for a great experience.